Navig8 – Promoting our ‘Good Things’ ethos we support and encourage youth to take action today so their dreams can be achieved.

The Navig8 programme directly responds to young people who remain outside of mainstream work, training or education. We help them to harness their potential using a 21st century self-leadership approach for building confidence, skills and energy directed at igniting their futures in ways which are realistic, build resilience, and can meet their needs for the future. Navig8 empowers youth with the mind-set and tools to help them navigate the world.

Our programme espouses the belief that ‘good things come to those who take action’. Navig8 provides some options so young people can create a pathway for themselves – a plan of action, skills for the workplace, networking and some determination – to make their future happen. From social enterprise to organic food supply – anything is possible with the right help! We also run special programmes for school-age learners – contact us for details.

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Through close mentoring we help youth access networks of support in workplaces, match them with realistic job opportunities and a pathway beyond their first job (our unique ‘step’ model). The training includes IT skills, research, interviewing and communications, as well as basic budgeting, negotiating and where necessary, support for family conversations. From our latest cohort, all have found employment this year though many face ongoing barriers such as the high cost of transport relative to wages.

Imagine creating a new opportunity for a young person in the arts, IT, in tourism or starting their own eco-business! You can make a world of difference because our graduates change their lives, forever.

To get involved and make a measurable impact for your philanthropy, corporate social investment (CSI), or ED funds, get in touch! 


Violet Mohotloane

Operations Manager

Tel: 011 673 1271
71-73 Toby Street

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