Walking in the footsteps of Father Trevor Huddleston CR

On Thursday 15 June, the staff and friends of the Trevor Huddleston CR Memorial Centre in Sophiatown will mark the anniversary of the birth of Father Huddleston, the anti-apartheid activist who called O R Tambo his ”greatest friend’.  In this, the O R Tambo centenary year, Mam Sally Motlana, revered Patron of the Huddleston Centre,  recalls the influence of the man she credits with making sure she completed her schooling, and subsequent teacher training.

” Without the Anglican missionaries who opened and ran St Cyprian’s School, St Peter’s School, the clinic, the pre-school, and St John’s College, which was originally a school for children of priests. along with so many other institutions throughout South Africa, hundreds of us would never have had education – and certainly not the quality of education offered at that time.  Quite simply I was able to develop my potential because of the foundation of education I got in Sophiatown, where I was treated like any other child – not because the colour of my skin dictated what was open to me, but because the church lived out the belief that all were equal.

Today, our children still want for equal education, despite millions of rands allocated to schools and higher learning by our democratic government.  I call on those responsible for education to do more and offer free education to all urgently – our children deserve nothing less than accessible education so our nation can develop”.

(Motlana, who turned 90 this year, lived and worked in Sophiatown until the forced removals between 1955 and 1957.  These resulted in the loss of hundreds of homes, schools, and community institutions such as the Ekutuleni Mission School and the Princess Alice Clinic in Ray Street.  Father Huddleston’s Anglican church of Christ the King is one of the only remaining remnants of Sophiatown’s once vibrant and multi-cultural community).

On June 15 itself you can join a special Walking Tour of the suburb and hear the stories from those times from first-hand witnesses.  The tour begins at 0930 and takes two hours. To book: 083 550 1730.
Young entrepreneurs will also be able to attend a workshop with our partners from the Randburg Chamber of Commerce about funding for small enterprises. (Info: 011 477 3490)

SGI (BizCre8) was selected as the winner of the Economic Growth: Inclusive Economy category at the Gauteng Premiers Service Excellence Awards held on the 28th of February 2017.

Brendon Martens, BizCre8 Incubator Manager with Gauteng Premier David Makura, with the 1st prize award.

Brendon Martens, BizCre8 Incubator Manager with Gauteng Premier David Makura, with the 1st prize award.


Former Aide to Father Huddleston, anti-apartheid activist, and valued Patron of the Trevor Huddleston Memorial Centre, Ambassador Abdul Minty, will visit the Centre on Thursday 15 June to learn about the new developments planned for 2017.  These include 140 entrepreneurs being supported through our enterprise development initiative BizCre8, and a rich programme of arts and cultural activities including the Sophiatown Academy of Music, Africa Zazi dance, monthly live jazz encounters and exhibitions and walking tours of this historic suburb.

For more info on what to do in Sophiatown:  www.sophiatownthemix.com

Interviews and information:  violet@trevorhuddleston.org

Telephone:   Rinkie 083 550 7130

Bookings:  083 550 7130   011 477 3490

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