Sophiatown Bizcre8

A range of programmes to support youth enterprise development in the green economy, the design sector, and for female-led businesses in township economies.
Aimed at developing aspiring entrepreneurs (age 18-35) who are dreaming of being the next big game changers and ready to activate their own sustainable business, Bizcre8 helps with business Ideation, supporting YOU to develop your business concept and Activating your business dream. Apply now as ‘Good Things don’t come to those who wait!’

The ‘Good Things’ ethos – what you’ll need to participate:

What does entrepreneurship mean in the context of South Africa? Historic inequalities mean it’s not as easy as it appears. Success takes hard work and dedication, sleepless nights and perseverance. Even when you face unexpected challenges, do you have the drive to overcome them? If so, and you live in Gauteng, you might benefit from our bespoke support programme. You’ll need to be honest, realistic and determined.

At Sophiatown Bizcre8 we believe that Good Things don’t come to those who wait – we’re here to help you achieve your dreams, if you’ve got the passion and commitment running your own business demands.

Funded by the DBSA and other partners, we currently assist 110 entrepreneurs.


The BizCre8 Bespoke Model

We use an innovation thinking and self-paced developmental approach that harnesses entrepreneurial potential. Through a pivot and plan approach to development – we equip next generation entrepreneurs with the most essential skills to help them activate their start-ups from mind to market.

What’s Happening

The current recruitment drive – good things campaign

Dates for up and coming programmes:

  • Good Things Come – inviting potential entrepreneurs to apply for our next programme.
  • Ide8 – Specialist facilitated workshops for entrepreneurs focused on creating and developing ideas for future development. Upcoming sessions 21st – 23rd February 2017 and 4th – 6th April 2017
  • Cre8 – Group and 1:1 support for entrepreneurs already in our programme
  • Pitch to Play – Regular opportunities for Bizcre8 entrepreneurs to pitch their validated business models to a panel for further support and business activation.
  • Activ8 – Market-ready entrepreneurs activate their business dreams with start-up brand and sales activation toolkit, sales and pitch strategic plan and essential start up skills to take their new business to market or their business concepts to funders. Launch of programme: September 2016.

What else you’ll find at Sophiatown the Mix


Themba Mazibuko

Incubation Co-ordinator

Tel: 011 673 1271
011 477 3490
71-73 Toby Street

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Tune in to Africa Business Radio tomorrow, 6 December at 12:40 where our entrepreneur, LeratoNakedi PurpleEsther, will be speaking about her journey #BizCre8!

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African Business Radio

Currently Live on Africa Business Radio!! Tune in to find out more about what we do!!

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@BizCre8 Fhatima Waja sharing her story of leaving behind her medical practice to start her business #Zamaan_sa

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@BizCre8 speaker S’phesihle Vilakazi taking us through her business journey and paying her ‘school fees’ for success. #GEW2016

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Come and swing by the Sophiatown pop up market, 10am to 4pm Sophiatown Bizcre8 #GEW2016

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