On February 2017 Hon. Premier David Makhura hosted the first of what will be an annual series of awards that seek to give due recognition to outstanding projects and individuals in government, civil society and the private sector who have committed themselves to advancing the development of the people of Gauteng.

The Premiers Service Excellence Awards recognises contributions made towards social transformation, economic growth, clean governance and sustainable development. A number of stakeholders who are active in contributing to the development of Gauteng were nominated in these various categories.

BizCre8, a business incubator focused on developing the next generation of green youth entrepreneurs, was nominated in the Economic Growth: Inclusive Economy category. From the nominees, BizCre8 emerged as the category winner with the Gauteng Department of Economic Development’s Cooperative Banks Growth and Modernisation Programme taking 2nd and the Gautrain’s Shuttle Feeder and Distribution Service Project taking 3rd.

This award recognises the contribution that the BizCre8 programme is making to developing a Gauteng economy that is transformed, sustainable, experience guided and youth powered.

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