‘We offer spaces where innovation grows from conversation, where doing good is celebrated, and where dreams and inspiration draw on Sophiatown’s deep roots’.

Sophiatown the Mix creates new possibilities by honouring our heritage: we are a cultural, heritage and enterprise organization set in historic Sophiatown.

We offer support to small businesses in the green economy and for enterprises in the creative sectors; here you will find the Sophiatown Heritage Centre and cultural programmes for all; We also create unique opportunities for young people to find their next step towards training, vocational skills or employment.

Opened in 2015, Sophiatown the Mix is a social enterprise initiative established by the Trevor Huddleston Memorial Centre (THMC), a registered non-profit organisation, to deliver programmes for social benefit. THMC has 16 years’ experience delivering skills training, education and community development.

BizCre8 supports new and existing small businesses to grow and develop using innovations, technology and bespoke mentoring.

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You can hire our venues, join our community and enjoy cultural events – see our events page for details. As a social enterprise, all profits are routed to support our work with young people and creative community development, where the impact on people, planet and profit is carefully judged and resources shared. You can read more about our history here.

Our values are inspired by the life-long service of Fr Huddleston and his recognition of every person’s equal and intrinsic value: we aim to operate with integrity, focus on service, value innovation and respect diversity.

What you’ll find at the Mix:
tick Unusual indoor spaces connected to a peaceful garden inspire new possibilities for business ideas, meetings, workshops and team building.
tick Live Jazz with world-class musicians every month.
tick Space for unique conversations through Community Encounters.
tick Book launches and arts projects, theatre, poetry.
tick A walking tour of this historic suburb.
tick Sophiatown Academy of Music (to book lessons go to music@sophiatownacademyofmusic.co.za or call +27 21 828 2753).

We’ve hosted Bra Hugh Masekela’s book launch, PlayAfrica’s project with the Chicago Art Gallery, unique conversations with Leaders Quest workshops, Vital Voices networking and our own Community Encounters – regular local dialogues for getting to know one another. See more under Ek’Se! Events.

More About Our History: : The Trevor Huddleston CR Memorial Centre

We were founded in 2000, to carry on the work of Fr Trevor Huddleston, particularly among young people who were not yet able to access tertiary education or skills training. Up to 2014, THMC supported more than 5,000 youth to find jobs, get business qualifications, complete university education, train in special creative industries such as photography and film acting and dance, develop IT knowledge and to implement youth projects. Our network of partners made possible amazing cultural exchanges in Europe which have broadened horizons, build leadership capacity and inspired new connections which continue to impact on young people’s lives.

Now our work is delivered through our social enterprise and is open to everyone. THMC preserves and shares the history of this area, and the communities which were served by Fr Huddleston and his colleagues through special projects determined by its board of directors.

Why Sophiatown?
Sophiatown and the western area neighbourhoods were historically famous particularly for their racially-mixed communities which were a hive of artistic, political, business and intellectual and cultural innovations from the early 1930s until apartheid legislation destroyed them beginning in 1955. Sophiatown was a celebrated freehold and the first area in South Africa to feel the force of apartheid’s Native Resettlement Act and Group Areas segregation.

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